10 Best Foundations for Every Age and Skin Type


Foundations are designed to even your skin tone and to give you more flawless look. But there is one more reason that says you should use foundation on past your breakout-prone young grown-up years. As the Makeup Artist, Tina Turnbow, from New York says that the outer added layer of protection on the skin helps protect the skin from aging elements like direct sunlight and dry air.

From Collagen protecting elements to super amazing hydrating formulas for dry to oily skin and everything in between just about every bottle comes up with gorgeous benefits and provides unique blend of super amazing benefits.

This foundation list provides varies types of coverage and are available in wide range of prices. In essence, whatever type of your skin is or whatever you want for your skin type, there is an amazing foundation out there which is perfect for you.

All you have to do is to find out the trick to get your best foundation. And for this you must know your skin type first then the below mention list will help you with all your foundation finding problems. Have a look at your perfect foundation.

1. If you have dry skin

Recommended Foundation: Bare-Minerals Complexion Rescue

As the young years’ passes, our skin starts to have less natural oil production and hormonal changes that causes dry skin and the appearance or fine lines. This foundation contains hyaluronic acid, hydrating glycerine compounds, and fatty acids from coconut oil. This formula with creamy texture will leave your skin soft, dewy and well hydrated instead of lined and dry.


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