Best Foods For Acne: 10 Foods That Prevent Pimples and Irritated Skin


Our diet has a major effect on skin’s health. If you are taking healthy diet it directly effects on your skin health in a positive way. But if you are not taking proper diet it will clearly visible on your skin. Actually, good or bad effect firstly show up on your skin.

Clear and glowing skin is the reflection of healthy and nutrient full diet. Too many spices and oily food especially junk food make pimples and acne.

You have to follow this guide to get the soft, smooth and glowing skin. Here are 10 foods that work wonder for your skin.

1. Mangoes

Mango is a gift of the summer season. This fruit is king of fruits not only because of its taste but also for its nutritious value. Mango is rich in vitamin A that is very necessary for the skin. It keeps your skin moisturized as we need it badly. In summers we lose energy and water in form of sweating.

Mango fulfills the water requirements in the body and gives instant energy. It makes the skin fresh and free from acne and blemishes. You can use mangoes as it is or fruit salad can be made.

2. Beet

Beets are common but it is very helpful in maintaining the skin health and providing the essential nutrients. It has abundant of minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. These are all vital for and health and to avoid the pimples and acne.

Beet is also rich in vitamin A and E, magnesium, potassium and calcium. These are all the nutrients that our skin demand. You can use it in raw form or in the form of salad.


  1. I think that the foods that you have put on your fashion tubes .com are really great I will be
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  2. Hi good morning, this is Amokuto heti from Papua new Guinea have read your contents and like it
    I got pimples with impetigo on my face. Every morning when wake up its like habit checking my face before leaving the house.
    I think this will help me.

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