Best Foods For Acne: 10 Foods That Prevent Pimples and Irritated Skin


5. Peppermint

Peppermint has a cooling effect. It keeps the stomach away from heat. When the stomach is fresh and cool its reflection can be seen on your skin. Actually, it works simultaneously, means internally and externally.

Internally it gives the soothing and cooling effect to the stomach and body. Externally you can attain clean and clear skin. In summers it moderates the body temperature. It also has antibacterial and anti fungal action.

Peppermint tea and peppermint drink are normally used for getting best results. You can also go for peppermint mask for glowing skin.

6. Watermelon

Mostly pimples and acne caused due to the weather changes. Sometimes when there is a lack of water in the body, the stomach system become upset and reflection appears on your skin in the form of acne and pimples. So be hydrated not only for the fresh and glowing season but also for making the digestive system properly.

Watermelon contains 92 % of water, fiber, minerals and nutrients. It fulfills the deficiency of water. Add it to your diet in the form of desserts and salads.


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  2. Hi good morning, this is Amokuto heti from Papua new Guinea have read your contents and like it
    I got pimples with impetigo on my face. Every morning when wake up its like habit checking my face before leaving the house.
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