10 Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark circles under eyes is a big worry mostly for girls and for the other people also because face does not seems fresh having dark circles and the whole face seems pale. Dark circles also have an impact on the age factor and even young people looks old.

Dark circles are sometimes known as tear tracks and lasts an impression of illness but mostly it is not correct because many people have these semicircle without having any health problem.

It can be because of the dark colored vessels or sagging skin under eyes and sometimes this issue arises because of the cosmetics. Dark circles are every time not a permanent problem but mostly is temporary when one does not sleeps well.

There are many reasons of having dark circles but some major factors are discussed under:

Causes of Dark Circles

1.   Thin skin under the eyes. Sometimes the skin under the eyes is thinner than the other skin so blood vessels are prominent under eyes then the other skin of the face. Another reason of having dark circles for the women can be pregnancy or anemia so it gets more transparent because of the paleness and the blood seems blue rather than red. Sometimes it seems greenish or brownish depending on the skin type of the person.

2.   Extra melanin (dark pigment) in the skin around the eyes. Having dark pigments is very common reason of dark circles among Asians and it is not due to any health problem or age so bleach creams are very common to counter this problem.

3.   Shadows from sagging skin under the eyes. Young skin is very smooth because of the proteins and it is sometimes destroyed because of sunshine or age and skin seems to be pouchy. The thin skin because of sagging is also one reason of dark circles or the shadow also affects the skin under eyes.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

You can clear these dark circles under eyes and can keep them away forever by following simple remedies.

  1. Puffiness is a cause for temporary dark circles so you have to change the sleeping timing and get one or more than one pillow while sleeping because it keeps to buildup the fluid.
  2. Must sleep well at least you must sleep for eight hours to get a circle free fresh face. As much you sleep there is less stress which is another reason of having dark circles.
  3. Allergies and smoking also cause dark circles so proper medicine is must and you must keep living area dust free to get a healthy and fresh face without any circles around your eyes. Clothes, pillows and everything should be cleaned regularly because dust also causes dark circles.
  4. All the makeup must be removed well before going to sleep because irritation makes eyes watery which causes dark circles.
  5. Exercise on daily basis is also useful because it circulates blood in every part of the body and leaves the freshness on face too.
  6. You must apply the things which have cool effect such as cucumber, potato slices, chilled ice water up to hour or half at the areas under eyes.
  7. Diet should be well managed vitamins, fruits or vegetables are very useful in removing dark circles. Mostly the seasonal fruits and vegetables are preferred.
  8. Iron must also be included like eggs, grain and special supplements for iron.
  9. Excessive use of salt also causes the dark circles so reduce the use of salt.
  10. Arrange your life style with having less stress because stress causes increase in blood volume which also causes dark circles.


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