10 Simple Steps to Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly


In daily life when you encounter someone the very thing you notice is eyes that exactly hold your all attention towards that someone. You even find the brown eyes that look back toward you or blue, black or simply stunning eyes of green color. There are several things that can do to make your eyes more fascinating. There are several tips of eye make-up which can be known by almost every women or girl. The initial stage of eye makeup that starts through eyeliner. It typically does to apply the trick that makes your eyes much defined and beautiful. Anyone can make their eyes beautiful with taking much time and can also enhance their overall personality. Yes, it is very simple, and this can be done easily by applying the eye shadow.

Currently girls mostly fear the task by putting the eye shadow on their eyes as some girls know it or some not. Well girls guess what? As there is a 1st time for everything. but every girl don’t have any idea from how and where to apply the eye shadow flawlessly. Now I am here to tell you how to apply eye shades step by step and it will help you in making neat and clear eye shadows.

Step 1: First properly rinse your face

With normal water, first wash your full face properly. Make one thing very clear get free from any remaining make up or everything else from the face. After that apply a moisturizer of good quality to your whole face and gently massage over your face skin.

Step 2: Apply the Concealer round your eyes

The very next thing anyone needs to do is subsequently applying the moisturizer, you apply the concealer to eyes if needed. If you need it you have to apply on top of the eyes as well as right above each eyelid. After that you have to dust it with some little powder.

Step 3: Apply the primer completely on your eyes

This step is very important, you need to spread little amount of primer on both your eyes, especially eyelids. These above steps will ensure that these eye shadows stay for the longer time period.

Step 4: Select the base color which suits your complexion

Once you applied the primer on your eyes, simply you need to choose a base color that suits your skin tone such as beige, off white, cream or any lighter shade that suits your color tone of your face.

Step 5: Apply the Lighter Base Color on your Eyes

Apply the color base that you have selected from the pallet of eye shadow with the support of eye shadow brush. You have to pay the special attention round your eyelids. Keep one thing in mind, be care full you don’t get any eye shadow that falls under the eyes and cheeks as well.

Step 6: Apply the Darker Color of Base on your Eyes

You have to choose a darker shade that match with your base. You have to go with the darker tone of base color that you already choose or can choose a different and unique one that totally depends on your looks. These tips are for those who are beginners, we are experimenting the eyes with the help of different shades from onward.

Step 7: Slightly Wet the Eye Brush

Before choosing the color, you have to wet the brush slightly even with normal water or rose water, whatever available at that time. While wetting your brush, you put the eye shadow and start working on your eyes.

Step 8: Apply your Color of Eye Shadow

You will have to take the brush plus start the color to outer corners of all your eyes and you have to do this very slowly it will end up the over and near to the eyelids. Also add color of your own choice to each corner of your eyes.

Step 9: Apply the Eyeliner Neatly

After doing all this, you have to apply the shades of your own choice by putting more on your eyelashes. After this take eye liner and apply it neatly on the eyelids.

Step 10: Apply the Mascara on your Eyelashes

Finish this process by applying the double coat of the mascara on each top and bottom of your eye lashes that gives your eyes a complete look.


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