10 Ways To Keep Your Liver Clean, Healthy, And Strong


7. Get Protein From Plant-Based Foods

Picking the right food is one of the most important and difficult task now a days. But if you keep some important guidelines in your mind, you can pick the right food for yourself.

  • Choose a lot of protein containing foods.
  • Go for organic products.
  • Avoid fats.

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables, use some healthy nuts for snacking, drink healthy smoothies and avoid processed foods.

8. Beware of Certain Medicines

If you take too much medicines like cholesterol related drugs and painkiller, then they can cause some serious damage to your liver.

Make sure you don’t take any medication without consulting with your physician and avoid alcohol before or after taking any medication. There are some drugs that can be harmful if you take them together, so better have detailed knowledge about the drugs, before consuming.



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