13 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life


Do you ever suffer from morning blues because of over sleeping or due to any reason? And need to go to the office or school or any other special occasion in the morning? If yes then we all need some special tricks and hacks to make ourselves look presentable.

When it comes to the beauty routines, then it shouldn’t be very complicated and time consuming instead it should be neat, clear, quick and easy. And the good thing is, there are several quick, easy and extremely beneficial beauty hacks that could save your time and make your mornings less stressful and will never make you late from your destination.

I came to know about this list little late and as soon as I get to know these I thought, I wish if I knew this before. The list includes huge variety or makeup and hair hacks and all of them are new and will provide a lot of information regarding beauty looks. So let’s get ready to learn new and exciting things, you can use on daily basis without creating any mess.

1. Thicken Your Hairline

If your hairline looks too thin or empty, don’t worry, we got your back. Take an eyeshadow with same colour as your hair and apply in your hairline roots with the help of medium sized brush.

How to Thicken Naturally Thin Hair
via Kathleen Kamphausen / Cosmopolitan

2. Eliminate Dark Circles with Concealer

We all use concealers for dark circles but very few of us actually knows how to use this effectively. Use concealer matching to your face complexion and apply on your face in triangular shape instead of spots and blend with make-up sponge to make your face look less tired and brighter.

Under Eye Circles Causes
via Lauren Conrad


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