13 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life


3. Eye Opener

After a tiring night, our eyes often look tired and tiny in the morning that makes the whole face look exhausted. Apply a white eye pencil on your lower lids inside the eyes, to make them look brighter, bigger and fresh.

Eye Opener Winnipeg
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4. Conceal Correctly

As the concealers get darker with time and for a lasting coverage of concealer, wait before blending. By this we mean, apply concealer on your face and let it stay on the face for few minutes before you blend it to the whole face.

Best Color Concealer for Dark Spots
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5. Every Last Drop

Did you ever tried to prolong your dying mascara? No? But you can. You can easily increase the life of a mascara for few more days but adding few drops of contact solution into the mascara bottle. This will remove the dryness and will make it smooth as new.

Silicone Spatula Uses
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