13 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life


6. X Marks the Spot

Need a defined cupid’s bow? Just draw a cross or X, with a pencil, on the spot before you apply the lipstick, slightly blend and apply your favourite shade of lipstick to make it appear bolder and beautiful.

X Marks the Spot
via Amy Nadine / The Beauty Department

7. Long Lasting Lipstick

Long lasting lipstick is a dream of every lady and this is absolutely not difficult to get. Apply your favourite shade of lipstick, hold a tissue paper over the lips, and dust the tissue with powder over top with a blush blending brush. The application of powder will look the look of your lipstick and make it appear matte and long lasting. Ake sure you do this at the end.

Lipstick Colors for Light Brown Skin
via Lauren Conrad

8. Brow Guide

Just don’t use any tweezer thing to pluck your eye brows because this will ruin your entire outlook. To avoid this mistake learn brow tweezing guideline.

Thread Eyebrow Salon
via Well+Good


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