13 Brilliant Beauty Hacks To Simplify Your Life


9. Smokey Eyes

Smoky eye trend never gets old and every lady among us wants to follow the trend with perfection but it gets messy sometimes. To make a perfect smoky eye, take a dark brown or black pencil and draw a hashtag sign at the corner of your eye. Now use a small sponge to blend the hashtag above your eye. Quick and easy!

Makeup Smoking Eyes
via Kathleen Kamphausen / Cosmopolitan

10. Eyeliner Intensity

To get an intense, bolder, and beautiful eye line finishing, just heat the tip of the eye liner pencil with lighter and get a thicker, smoother, and better blended lash line.

doll d up mascara
via Amy Nadine / The Beauty Department

11. Hair Hold

Bobby pins are the most important and best hair tool for great hold and for getting your desired hair styles. But sometimes they lose their hold. To avoid this, spray some bobby pins with hair spray and have long-lasting stronger hold.

Hair Hold Tips
via Instagram / @lesicons


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