10 Showstopping Gray Nails


It was a common observation that gray color is always neglected and underestimated. Even it was fail to appreciate. This color was using for an aged people or sign of sober. But now this thinking is going to be changed. Actually, people are adopting some advance customs and want to be up to date. In the market not only different shades of gray color are available. But it is also considering the most versatile color that can go with any outfit. People are more convincing to go for gray rather than typical black color. In the past people thought that there is only black color that will match with any outfit. Well it is right for some extent. But in case of nail colors it is not so. You can go for black handbag and black shoes but in nail paint gray is a pretty and bold color that can match almost any outfit. Especially when you have a variety of nail polishes sometimes gray is more suitable than that of any other color.

1. Peek-a-boo glitter

With the glossy base coat of gray color you can go for geometric glitter design. This geometric design may vary from person to person. Well it is your choice to apply. But it looks stylish.

 Peek a boo glitter
Instagram / @naoimhsnails

2. You can never go wrong with a glitter accent nail

It is simplest and easy way not only for applying but also to add some sparkle to your look. Make a simple base coat of gray color and apply glittery gray or simple glitter on it.

 You can never go wrong with a glitter accent nail
Instagram / @krolowa.wszechswiata

3. Gradient grays

For making the gradient grays just use a makeup sponge for applying a layer of nail polish. This simple effect has a big statement. Now in the market for making design strips even cuttings are available for convenience.

Gradient grays
Instagram / @paprocka.ewelina

4. Glitter top coat

You can go for simple coat of glitter after applying the base coat. It is easy way but looks stylish.

Glitter top coat
Instagram / @merikara_beautynails

5. Line design

You can get lines easily with striping tape easily available in the market.

Line design
Instagram / @hki_nails

6. Heavy metal

Heavy metal look is awesome. In it gray shade is balanced with shimmery silver polish.

Heavy metal
Instagram / @all_in_the_buff_naildesign

7. Love coffin nails?

Matte gray polish gives coffin nails and this look is furious.

Love coffin nails
Instagram / @krisynails

8. Rock crystals

Crystal of different shades and types are available in the market. Just stick it on the applied polish.

 Rock crystals
Instagram / @bonitabling

9. Gray ombré

Gray color have different shades but you will obsessed by this shade. It gives two toned shade that is just awesome.

 Gray ombré
Facebook / Nail Art Club

10. The best of both worlds

Neutral gray nail polish with a rainbow shimmer is best. It is available in the market by name of shimmer nail polish.

The best of both worlds
Instagram / @kelliegonzo


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