17 Most Iconic Royal Styles of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton


3. Meghan’s White Coat

Talking about engagement outfits and sold out products, Meghan wore a Line the Label coat to announce their wedding month with Prince Harry and this coat was sold out from everywhere too.

Meghan’s White Coat Dress for Iconic Royal Styles
Getty Images

4. Kate’s Wedding Dress

It’s obvious that if you are talking about their most memorable and iconic styles than their wedding gowns are sure to be discussed. Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen design guided Grace Kelly’s gown, with its close-fitting bodice, plummeting neckline and full skirt.

Kate’s Wedding Dress for Iconic Royal Styles
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5. Meghan’s Bridal Wear

Meghan’s dress was more fitted than Kate’s. It was made up from opaque fabric and ¾ sleeves, though it looked a little more modest than Kate’s.

Meghan’s Bridal wear for Iconic Royal Styles
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6. Kate’s Lavender Gown

Right after getting married, at her first super-formal event, Kate selected a soft purple dress by Jenny Peckham with thick white belt at her waist.

Kate’s Lavender Gown for Iconic Royal Styles
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