18 Short Curly Hair Ideas – Best Haircuts for Short Curls


When it comes to hairstyles and haircuts, curly goddesses often feel that they do not have much opportunity to get creative and make bold experiments with their hair. Not anymore ladies! Curly goddesses need to realize all the fun and excitement that their curly locks deserve to explore-for this is the perfect year to give your voluminous curls a mind-blowingly bold transformation!

You can experiment around with a great many alluring hairstyles and boldly edgy haircuts, such as razor-sharp bobs, pin-up curls, quirky afros, double puffs, pulled-back curls, embellished curls and a lot more.

Best Haircuts for Short Curls 2019

We’ve put together an exciting round-up insanely trendy and effortlessly chic curly hair statements to get you started on some fashion-forward hair experiments.

Here, take a look:

1. Lyssa Marie’s Curly Double-Puffs

Lyssa Marie's Curly Double Puffs

2. Alexis Jae’s Pinned and Embellished Curls

Alexis Jae's Pinned and Embellished Curls

3. Myesha Polnett’s Loose, Choppy Curls

Myesha Polnett's Loose, Choppy Curls


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