19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety


Every person around this world is suffering from anxiety and it could be for any reason. Someone is worried, anxious or maybe freaked out. Someone might be upset because of work, health, money, family, love or studies. Someone’s heart is beating too fast, or breathing too rapid or shallow. Someone’s mind is imagining doom and they wish to be relax ASAP. Whether it’s full-blown anxiety you are feeling or it’s just you are freaking out about something, you are not supposed to go for medications of drugs that soon.

Our wonderful earth is full of surprises and super amazing things; we aren’t aware off. There are many safe and non-drug remedies including calming teas and body-mind techniques, available that treats anxiety and stress and help you relax your body and mind.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile has a compound that works as a brain receptor drugs like Valium. If you ever have a jumpy, edgy or nervous moment, try a cup of chamomile tea and calm your nerves down.

There are chamomile supplements available in the market that contains dried chamomile flowers and an active ingredient apigenin that deals with anxiety disorders. According to the study from the University of Pennsylvania, they stated that people who suffered anxiety problems are given chamomile supplements and after 8 weeks of taking this, their anxiety/stress level decreases to very significant amount.



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