19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety


6. Exercise

Exercise is one of the safest and best things to fight anxiety, depression and is extremely good for the brain and body. Regular exercising has longer effects for both mind and body. If you make it your habit of exercising regularly, you will be able to have more self-esteem and healthy feelings. Worrying about your health and having illness may cause anxiety and stress and it reduces when you exercise and stay fit.

7. The 21-minute cure

21 minutes is all you need to reliably cure stress and anxiety. Just give yourself 21 minutes and feel more relaxed and calm. Experts say that if you are stressed and anxious, just hop on a treadmill and feel relaxed, calm and easy, right after the workout.

The experts further said that they generally ask their patients that they should spend 25-30 minutes of everyday in any cardio activity that could get your rate up, whether it is running in a park, treadmill, elliptical or just climbing over the stairs again and again, it’s all depends on what you want, you are just supposed to increase your heart rate. If you aren’t that much fond of exercising than start with brisk walking and make it running slowly.



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