19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety


16. Take a ‘forest bath’

Forest bath or ‘Shinrin-yoku’ in Japanese, is basically a walk in the woods. Japanese people said that people who walked in the beautiful forest woods for about 20 minutes can change their bodies. Because woodsy and delicious plant smell and the sound of running of streams can literally relaxes your mind and soul. People who forest bath are more likely to develop less stress hormones as compared to the people who walk in urban areas of the city.

17. Learn Mindfulness Meditation

This is a mainstream therapy, originated by Buddhists, is particularly best for treating stress and anxiety. Some clinical psychologists states that the act of practicing mindful of awareness, allows the people to experience the true essence of every moment as it is really going to appear, rather what is feared.

How to start this? You can simply start this by paying attention to the present moment, purposely, and with curiosity and with an effort to act like non judge behaviour.



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