20 Stars Looking Hot In Elevator Selfies

Whether it is the red carpet, star-studded events, the streets, or even a low-key location like an elevator, celebrities always know how to put the G in glamour with their bold antics. Our favourite instafamous celebrities never disappoint us and they continue to flood our Instagram feeds with iconic clicks taken in the most bizarre and exciting of locations, and naturally, elevators are a personal favourite.

Elevator selfies are always the hottest because given their busy schedules and constantly travelling, elevators and lifts are one of the few places that give celebrities the time and space to take a moment and pose a little. And these elevator selfies turn out to be especially cool if these elevator selfies contain several of our favourite celebrities in one shot.

Bella & Gigi Hadid Looking Hot In Elevator Selfies

Courtesy of Instagram

The Hadid sisters and Jenner ladies are always winners with their priceless elevator selfies, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because they are practically the queens of our Instagram feeds. All supermodels seem highly keen on taking elevator selfies, which is self-explanatory given all the globe-trotting and work they do in luxurious locations and five star hotels.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & More Looking Hot In Elevator Selfies

Courtesy of Instagram

On award shows and star studded affairs, some of our favourite Hollywood couples, supermodels and celebrities always strike exciting poses in the elevators to fill up our news feed with yet another priceless moment of glamour. In this article, we have created an exciting slideshow of some of the hottest elevator selfies by our favourite stars.

Emily Ratajkowski Looking Hot In Elevator Selfies

Courtesy of Instagram

Are you ready to feast your eyes?


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