5 Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss


In our busy schedule, we usually peel out the door in hurry. Grab a muffin and consider it our breakfast. But it is not a healthy start and mostly has this kind of morning which is absolutely not a good way to start our morning.

Breakfast is a key component in losing weight and most of the people ignore breakfast, take a heavy lunch and dinner. According to the research by the Obesity Society, the people who consume more calories at breakfast and fewer in lunch and dinner lose more weight, reduce waist and feel fuller longer. But the reality is completely different. We ignore breakfast and absorb more calories in lunch and dinner.

Even when we go to the bed we have full stomach and got sleep. We should take dinner at least two hours ago before going to bed. From morning to night we should be careful in calories absorption and calories pattern. By optimizing the breakfast we can lose weight. Here are some types of breakfast that are helpful in losing weight.

1. Protein

The consumption of protein is such an energy booster. When you take protein rich breakfast it makes you full and reduces the cravings. Mostly people take proteins in lunch and dinner but taking proteins in breakfast give you the energy to perform the whole day duties more efficiently.

Eggs are a rich source of proteins and considered as the most reliable morning staple. Take two boiled eggs with tea is a complete breakfast and its protein makes your whole day. A person should require at least 20g proteins in breakfast. It does not mean that you should take proteins for lunch and dinner. Add a small quantity of proteins in your each meal.


  1. please consult me and save my life. I have incipient amount of “Vitamin D “. I am 45 Years. what types of food that i do to increase Vitamin D?


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