5 Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss


2. Fiber

Fiber rich food is the most sustainable form of energy. The addition of fiber in the breakfast automatically eliminates the desire of consuming the junk and calories rich food because it simply gives you a fuller feeling.

According to the Lisa Cimperman, MS, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “If you’re eating foods that contain fiber, you’ve automatically eliminated a lot of junk, like carbohydrate sources that are simple and refined.” Oats, whole grain toast, fruits and veggies are rich in fiber and suitable for your tasty breakfast.

3. Veggies

Usually, we ignore vegetables not in our meal but also in our breakfast. Vegetables provide all the nutrients that our body requires. In our busy routine, we take brownie, muffins, jam and all those calories rich foods in the breakfast. But these all are not good for health.

We should take vegetables in the breakfast. Stir fried, steamed, boiled or fresh vegetables are the best option for the breakfast. Vegetables take no time to prepare. Vegetable salad is healthy as well as full of nutrition.


  1. please consult me and save my life. I have incipient amount of “Vitamin D “. I am 45 Years. what types of food that i do to increase Vitamin D?


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