The 5 Common Makeup items That are Poisoning Your Body (89% of Women Use #4)


You must have heard of the expression “pain is beauty” and it tends to be true for whatever you do to look beautiful. Be it hair removal, stripping off a blackhead strip or getting your eye brows done. However, the cosmetics that we use have a tendency to cause different type of harm and pain to us and it is very serious.

In the past, many women have fallen severely ill or even died due to the use of certain cosmetics which have harmful chemicals. Most of the cosmetics available in the market have chemicals which are not good for us. You can find natural alternatives if you take some time out and put in some extra effort. These products might not look, smell or feel exactly like the ones that we are using, but they are definitely much better for us and our health.

Let’s have a look at these ingredients in cosmetics which are harmful for us.

1. Parabens and Other Preservatives

Parabens, sulfates and some other cosmetic preservatives are found very commonly in makeup products. Not that they are present only in the cheap quality cosmetics, but they are also present in the high end brands.

In the past few years, lots of research has been done upon preservatives which are used in food and health products, and it has been shown that they are not safe for us at all.

What these ingredients basically do is that parabens affect the production of hormones in our body. This unbalancing of hormones leads to serious issues like breast cancer, infertility and having puberty before time.


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