The 5 Common Makeup items That are Poisoning Your Body (89% of Women Use #4)


2. Synthetic Fragrances

Almost all of the cosmetic products have synthetic fragrance in them. These fragrances have a number of chemicals in them. The problem over here is that these fragrances are not tested and the companies are not bound to reveal what they are made of.

Synthetic fragrances are linked with respiratory problems and migraines. Doctors suggest not to use synthetic fragrances if you have asthma or eczema.

Although these are present everywhere, there are alternatives which can be used, like essential oils. These oils have a beautiful fragrance and are health friendly too.

3. Petroleum-Based Ingredients

Any skincare product having petroleum based ingredients tends to be carcinogenic. This means it has the tendency to cause cancer. The U.S government marks it safe to use petroleum based products but it is always better to stay away from stuff that has an ability to cause cancer.


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