The 5 Common Makeup items That are Poisoning Your Body (89% of Women Use #4)


4. Formaldehyde

I think all of us know how dangerous formaldehyde is, but have you ever thought that it could be present in your makeup vanity? Formaldehyde is very commonly present in hair products, nail colors, body wash and eyelash glue. It is usually present in these products by different names like methylene oxide or methyl aldehyde.

Formaldehyde causes cancer and is responsible for menstrual disorders.

5. Triclosan

All the antibacterial products like soaps, hand sanitizers and even toothpaste have triclosan in them. Triclosan is not a safe chemical to be used on the skin. Tests conducted on animals have shown that it interrupts the production of hormones. This disturbance in hormones lead to other serious health problems.

What we now know from all that has been said above is that our cosmetics and skincare products contain chemicals which are not safe for us. They have a tendency to cause cancer and disturb our hormones. It is better to stay away from these chemicals.

Natural alternatives of these products should be bought and used. Remember health comes before beauty. Your health is much important than looking beautiful. Use products that are made of more natural ingredients. Take care of your skin and your health. Don’t risk them just to look beautiful for some time.


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