5 Foods Your Breasts Want You To Eat


All breasts are same either small of big. Nevertheless, with regards to functions, every girl has the same capability. If in any case you are battling with problems like fibrocystic bosoms, soreness from PMS or menopause, or want to decrease your chances of breasts cancer. Try to consume these 5 foods and beverages, highly recommended and healthy for your breasts.

Read on, add these essentials to your diet and give proper treatment to your breasts.

1. Soy

Women who get proper intake of compounds like daidzein and genistein that are found in soybeans, tofu, and miso, etc., have a lower chance of getting fibrocystic breasts. Research has shown that soy can help ease the chances and symptoms of menopause as well, including diseases like osteoporosis and heart disease.

A study of almost 9,514 breast cancers survivors revealed the benefits of consuming soy and how it prevents with issues like breast cancer and menopause.


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