5 Foods Your Breasts Want You To Eat


2. Wheat Germ

Wheat germ has also been shown to reduce the number of different PMS symptoms, having breast tenderness at the top of the list.

A study researched on almost 100 women with a PMS diagnosis for consecutive cycles showed wheat germ reducing the physical symptoms by 63.6%, psychological symptoms by 66.3%, and general PMS symptoms by 65%. Wheat germ extract also helped in decreasing the issues like fatigue, irritability, heart palpitations, sleep problems, and food cravings, headaches and increased appetite.

The consuming of wheat germ is as easy as it gets. Just sprinkle it over your salad or a bowl of cereal and enjoy the taste with guaranteed health.

3. Blueberries

Eating 6 oz. serving of blueberries daily is one of the best and yummiest solutions for getting rid of many breasts issues. Blueberries have special cancer-fighting benefits.

Consume blueberry daily or simply buy blueberry powder, use it in smoothies or add to granola. Eat many berries to get healthy breasts.


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