5 Foods to Eat for a Stronger Immune System


The function of immune system is to protect the body from bacterial infections and viruses that attacks from outside, it is more like an anti-sickness defence mechanism. When the immune system of the body is weak, your body is exposed to many diseases and risks and it won’t be able to defend itself from these infections. So this is the reason to get the stronger immune system is important.

There are a lot of foods that we eat on regular basis but we aren’t aware of their benefits. Following are some food, which are specifically known for stronger immune system.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are famous for their super ability to increase the production of white blood cells in the body and to help the body to against different infections and bacteria that attacks from outside.

Mushrooms along with great taste bring joy to health by strengthening the immune system.


  1. Hi,would like some ideas of get rid of ,cold viruses and nasty cough,in natural way,been diagnosed epilepsy,and according my doctor’s all I loud take is paracetamol,which seems little bizarre for me,I know the lemon honey tea ,and steam stuff ,just something bit more,looked you immune system food advice.Any help would be amazing ..

  2. U don’t know what you do to me thank you so much, truthfully am a natural woman I love going natural to treat myself and my family.


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