6 Types of Food That Are Making You Constipated


4. We all Love Candies

Candies and confections are enjoyed by all but they have a serious downfall when eaten in excess. You see, it’s not the candies themselves that are harmful nor does sugar directly lead to constipation. It’s just that sugar coated products are extremely high in fats and added sugars, and they do not contain sufficient amounts of nutrients and fibers.

Now, if you tend to eat too many candies all day, and you’re skipping your high fiber meals, you are very likely to contract constipation.

5. Paleo Diet isn’t all that healthy

Most people and professional nutritionists believe that the Paleo diet is the healthiest and most natural way of eating, but the truth is it actually deprives you of several essential nutrients and fibers.

If you’re consuming a heavy diet with lots of meat and you’re missing out on fibers, whole grains and legumes, you are at a high risk to get constipated. Also, when your carb intake decreases, it slows down your ingestion of prebiotics as well.


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