6 Types of Food That Are Making You Constipated


6. Too much Fast Food

We all like a good cheesy burger at lunch, and besides, it’s so easy to drive your car through the drive-thru and pick up a delicious meal of burgers and fries in an instant.

But hey, all this junk you’re eating under the pretentiously cool label of fast food is actually very low in fibers and extremely rich in fats.

The worst part is, they tend to stay in your stomach for much longer as compared to other food items, preventing digestion and leading to constipation. Also, these food items contain high amounts of sodium, and that is why they don’t allow the water to push against the waste. So, in order to cleanse your system and avoid constipation, quit eating burgers and fast food items on a daily basis.


Remember, it is ultimately your food choices that will make up your health and cause most of the ailments that harm you. While some foods can strengthen your digestive system, the above mentioned food items tend to weaken it and cause painful ailments like constipation. Now, it may be hard to abstain from delicious cakes and double cheese burgers, but you can always enjoy them, only not in excess.


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