8 Comfy And Cozy DIYs For Your Home


Home is a place of rest and peace. When you enter in your home after spending a hectic day you do something like putting on the slippers, taking a cup of tea or snuggling up the blanket, anything that makes you stress-free and comfortable. It is nothing better when you cross the threshold you feel relaxed and comfortable. For attaining maximum satisfaction you organize your home according to your taste.

Some people love to surround themselves with comfy things like me. So if you want to look your home with comfy and cozy things then you will love these DIYs.

1. Let people know from the minute they step on your door stoop just how cozy your home is.

With little effort you can make a door mat quite relaxing. By seeing this not only you feel quite relaxing but let people know how cozy your home is. For this purpose you require door mat, a stencil and spray paint. You can easily find it in the market.

how cozy your home is
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2. Wrap an old sweater around a candle to cozy it up.

Take a candle and wrap it with old sweater. Be careful that flame does not able to catch the sweater on fire.

Wrap an old sweater around a candle to cozy it up.
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