9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter


Showering in winters is quite a thing, even if you are using hot bath. You exfoliate, cleanse, shampoo and conditioning as you always do, but still there could be a lot of problems you should take care of, in winters. According to the dermatologists, along with beautiful weather, warm cup of coffees, cozy jackets and sweaters, winters also brings some skin and beauty issues like dry skin, damaged hair and a lot more. Let us focus on 9 major mistakes we all do while showering in winters and some recommendations:

Mistake #1: Taking long, hot showers

After a long working day in frosty weather, there is nothing better than a hot shower that warms you up. But that too comes with a cost. As the certified board of dermatologists Deanne Mraz Robinson, the MD of the board, stated that the “Too long hot showers can cause dry and itchy skin”. While taking a hot shower, make sure the temperature is below 99 degrees and limit the time of shower to 5 to 7 minutes.

High temperature can drain the natural moisture out of your skin and affects the protective barrier. Below 99 degrees is the healthiest water temperature for the skin that doesn’t cause dryness and itchiness and protects the natural moisture.

Mistake #2: Showering too often

Extreme cold winds and freezing temperatures can take a toll on the skin but showering daily or too often can also cause problems. Dr. Robinson, the MD of the dermatologists’ board stated that over showering or showering too often can cause irritation, redness, and dryness to the skin and in extreme cases it can also leads to eczema.

According to your daily activity levels, showering daily could be too much. As they stated that showering every other day or day after is enough to rinse the body without causing any dryness or other skin problem. Cutting back on every day showering can also help you preserve your hair dye, if you use any.


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