9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter


Mistake #3: Using the wrong cleanser

According to the dermatological experts, some traditional beauty bar soaps can drain out the body’s natural moisture and cause dryness and irritation so better ditch the beauty bar soap and go for something more natural or creamy. Instead of these beauty bars, opt some soap-free and rich formula like Yuni concentrated Body Cleansing crème or Olay Ultra moisture body wash.

There are some in-shower moisturizing lotions like Jergens skin moisturizer that gives some extra moisturizing dose to the skin. Apply this after shower moisturize and wash off for best results.

Mistake #4: Lazy shaving

Most of us shave less in winter, for obvious reasons. But make sure when you do shave, exfoliate the skin first with gentle hands. As Dr. Robinson stated that too much dead skin on the legs or arms or anywhere in the body can cause dryness, irritated and lesser smooth appearance and more importantly it can also cause ingrown hairs. She also stated that dry shaving is absolutely not recommended.

At first, shave your legs and body in warmer environment, like while taking shower, because this will open up your pores and will result in smoother clearer skin. The second thing is you should be using shaving creams because shaving creams aids in shaving process and provide smooth shaving. Another board certified dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi stated that if your skin is sensitive enough than try some nourishing formula that contains honey, oatmeal or aloe Vera extracts. She also recommended to use Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel. And too keep the bacteria at bay, make sure you change your razor blade after few uses.

Changing blades regularly will also help you prevent the nicks over the skin. The Venus and Olay Razor are recommended to use because they contains moisturizing strips over them that leaves the skin smooth and clear with every knock.


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