9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter


Mistake #5: Washing hair too frequently

Our hair also needs to be taken care of like our skin and they also doesn’t needs to be washed regularly. Dr. Robinson stated that our hair should get washed every other day or at every 3rd day to prevent damage and dryness.

Choose best shampoo according to the texture of your hair. If you have oily hair type than opt some dry shampoo that aids in cleaning the oil from the roots. And if you have dry hair then opt some oil care shampoo that balances the natural hair moisture.

Mistake #6: Shampooing too vigorously

The oil in our hair is produced by the scalp so it doesn’t have to use extremely concentrated shampoos. In order to clear excess oil from the scalp, make sure you are gently scrubbing the scalp with mild shampoo instead of scrubbing your hair like cleaning a dirt ring.

Scrubbing your scalp or hair too hard is definitely not a smart act because it can cause irritation, dryness, inflammation and sometimes, in extreme cases, it can also leads to bleeding due to skin damage. Using healthy tips of shampooing your hair will leave your hair smooth, shiny, frizz-free and will also prevent from damaging.


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