9 Ways You’re Probably Showering Wrong in the Winter


Mistake #7: Skipping conditioner

Lack of humidity in winters doesn’t only cause extreme dry skin but it also draws all the moisture from hair strands. Dr Tanzi stated that in order to reduces the frizz and static hair problems, you should increase the moisture in your hair by using reliable shampoos and conditioners.

The ends of the hair needs most of the hydration because they receive very little moisture while washing your hair because the natural oil that travels from the root to end doesn’t reach to the end if we don’t take proper care. Dr Robinson recommends to use good quality conditioner to condition your hair properly and if your hair are damaged then try some weekly nourishing treatment. Neutrogena products are highly recommended for dry damage hair.

Mistake #8: Drying off too roughly

This is your body and not a dirty bathtub or something you need to clean roughly, and if you behave too violently with your skin, you might end up damaging your natural skin. Instead of rubbing your body vigorously, try using soft towel to tap dry yourself.

Over-exfoliate may cause dry and irritated skin. Moisturize your body right after tap dry to lock the hydration in your skin and use some quality moisturizer that will add lustre and glow.

Mistake #9: Moisturizing wrong

Showering too much in this cold and freezing weather can lead to dry skin that too affects the skin barrier, which leads to over-sensitivity of the skin and severe skin problems like eczema. The best solution to the problem is use ceramide-based moisturizer that actually repairs the skin and prevents dryness, itching and dehydrated skin. For this, dermatologists recommends Aveeno skin relief moisturizer repair creams.

Apply moisturizer right after the shower while your skin is little damp, to lock the hydration in your skin. Applying moisturizer after every few hours is also better but moisturizing your skin right after cleansing is still the best.


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