Arabic Hijab Styles and Headscarf Designs 2015 for Women


Hijab is considered to be the sign of Muslim women and is the part of their dress code. Whenever you see a girl or woman in hijab then it is understood that she is Muslim. Hijab is considered to be the sign of grace, elegancy as well as modesty. In past times, hijab was very simple and had few designs. There were few ways for wearing them. The world has become modernized and there are lot of hijab styles been introduced for girls of every age. They can wear the hijab in any style as per occasion or event. Women who focus on hijab are not able to make various hairstyles but can carry different styles of hijab. The most popular hijab styles are considered to be Arabic hijab style.

Hijab for Office Routine

The number of Muslim working ladies is increasing day by day. Muslim women focus on wearing hijab in offices. They look elegant, graceful as well as simple in hijab. The working ladies mostly focus on simple hijab styles. The office hijab styles are the most formal as well as simple ones. A simple hijab or dopatta can be worn around the neck and on head for covering them. This gives the elegant look. You can make a knot at the back or at the front or pins can be attached. Different colors of hijab can be carried in office routine.

Triangle Hijab Style

This is considered to be one of the simplest ways of wearing hijab while going to office. A triangle scarf can be used as a hijab and you can wrap around the neck by covering your chest and hairs. This is considered to be a graceful and elegant way of wearing the hijab during formal events or meetings etc.

Casual Hijab Style

The Muslim girls love to wear hijab these days. The trend of wearing hijab is increasing and it is worn in routine or casually. These casual hijabs are worn while going to college, universities, schools, relatives or while going out to the market. Young girls prefer coolest hijab styles these days. One of the most common and outclassed hijab styles is considered to be the turban style. If you focus on these types of hijab then you don’t need to carry the heavy scarves. This type of hijab contains extra cloth for covering the basic body parts like chest completely.

Routine Hijab

Hijab is worn by girls in daily routines, in summers as well as in winters. Girls should prefer hijab with light colors in summer so that less heat can be absorbed. In winters, hijab with thick fabric should be worn so that the cold weather effects can be controlled. Different styles of hijab can be adopted, independent of fabric or material. If you prefer cool colored hijabs then they look very graceful, fresh and highlighted.

Hijab can be worn by the women of any age. There is no compulsion of age for wearing hijab. Non Muslim women can also wear hijab for adding grace to their personality or to look pretty and elegant. When you wear the hijab then you feel yourself protected. One of the best advantages of hijab is that it protects the hair or scalp from dust, direct sunlight etc. it should be kept in mind that in summers, wearing hijab can increase the sweat production so you need to wash the hairs on daily basis. Hijab can be worn by matching them with dress. There is no compulsion to wear hijab on shalwar kameez but you can wear it on jeans, tights, pajamas. It is not mandatory to wear abaya or gown with hijab but you can wear it on normal dress.

Arabic Hijab Styles and Headscarf Designs 2015


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