Banana Milk Coffee – This is the Most Delicious New Way to Drink Your Coffee


Every one of you must have consumed the traditional coffee but today you will learn about a new type of coffee named as ‘banana milk coffee’. Traditional coffee is full of sugar and additives but same is not the case with banana milk coffee. It is very easy to make this coffee and you will only need banana, simple syrup, coffee and water. This coffee has a creamy and sweet taste. I am sure all of you will love its taste.

You would be amazed to know that this coffee is full of health benefits. Individuals who love to eat bananas will also like banana milk coffee. Potassium is found in excess quantity within this coffee and this nutrient has numerous health benefits. Some of its benefits include relief from kidney and heart disorders, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and stroke. Moreover, potassium also enhances muscle strength, nervous system, water balance, metabolism and electrolytic functions.

Recipe of Banana Milk Coffee

Banana milk coffee was first of all introduced by J+B Design and Café, situated in Brooklyn. Now, Starbucks has also added this coffee in its menu by keeping in view its high demand among Americans. The individuals, who already like this coffee, would be glad to know that now they can make it at their home by using their own ingredients. This news is also good for those individuals who are not the resident of Brooklyn.

Step # 1

First prepare banana milk. Blend 1 cup water and 2 ripe bananas for making a smooth mixture. You can also add some sweetener in it like maple syrup, pitted date or honey.

Step # 2

Make your traditional coffee and add banana milk in it. You do not have to follow any specific quantity as it depends upon your taste. Another good thing about its recipe is that you can add banana milk in both hot and cold coffee. You can also refrigerate the left over banana milk by using a jar.

Try this simple recipe at home and enjoy drinking banana milk coffee. Now you do not need to visit any coffee shop for enjoying your favorite coffee. You will just need few ingredients that are easily available at home. Try this coffee and serve it to your loved ones. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We will look forward for your feedback.


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