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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s Beautiful Couple Moments

Are Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Upset Over Miranda Lambert’s New Song About Being ‘Blinded’ During Marriage?

34 years old singer, Miranda Lambert, along with her band Pistol Annies, released another track along with the Band’s new album entitled as ‘Interstate Gospel’. This specific track is again about Divorce and few people aren’t happy with the song or maybe they don’t even care. A few of the close sources to Miranda says that the song, ‘When I was His Wife’, is directly pointed to her ex-husband and the women who replaced her. 49 years old Gwen Stefani and 42 years old Blake Shelton thought that when Blake’s ex-wife sang the song ‘Blinded by diamonds and driven by lust’ was a good song with nice choices of words but this new song is funny to them and the lovebirds told the magazine that they don’t even care about it.

Gwen Stephen and Blake Shelton Hottest Couple Moments

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A fan thinks that Miranda is definitely talking about Blake and the woman who replaced Miranda from Blake’s life that is obviously Gwen. The first verse of the song says that He would never cheat, He would never lie, He will love me forever, until the day we die and etc etc. It is absolutely clear from the lyrics that she is talking about her ex-husband and Mr. Ex-husband said that this song is nothing more than funny and he thinks that Miranda is still stuck in past and he needs to move on. While Gwen is a strong woman who doesn’t even care about anything.

Gwen Stephen and Blake Shelton Hottest Couple Moments


One of our sources revealed that Blake thinks this is absolutely ridiculous that she is still living in her past and he has moved on and she still has to sing a song about her ex. Miranda went to date twice with two different men after her divorce with Blake and she also stated that she is happily single and she has no plans to get into any relationship but Blake is not buying this and he said that on several occasion that Miranda hasn’t moved on but he is very happy with Gwen and their life together so Miranda needs to shut up and move on.

Blake never losses the opportunity to flaunt his love for Gwen at any occasion but it doesn’t mean they are getting married any soon. They just love each other and they are enjoying each other’s company and Blake also stated once that he has never been this much happier with anyone.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s Couple Moments Pictures

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