Brown Hairs with Dark, Light and Blonde Highlights


Brown hairs are becoming fashion widely and if you want to have brown shades on your hairs than you also have to take care of the highlights. You must keep in mind the shades which would match more with personality. Some of the shades which are most used and are likely are as under:

Dark Brown Hair:

First of all you must keep in mind the color shades which would match instantly with your real color. Dark brown shade is one common which brighten the hairs. You must also take a look at your eye colors and which suits perfect on skin tone.

The highlights which are mostly preferred for the dark brown hairs are caramel highlights and blonde. These have a good impact on your look and matches perfectly with dark brown color. You can either apply it all over the hairs equally or can only combine the highlights according to your choice. It provides more charm to the look and provides new beautiful look.

These highlights could be used on black hairs and if you match the shade with the color of your eyes than it is much better for enhanced look.

Brown Hairs with Dark, Light & Blonde highlights

Light Brown Hair:

It is easier to give highlights over light brown hairs. It depends on your choice that you want to use darker shade than your hair color or also can use light shades for highlights.

The blonde stripe can be used for the highlights which is good option for giving a new look to classic light brown hairs. Platinum blonde shade is also preferred or can use other shades just according to the choice such as honey blonde or dark brown which also have promising effect on light brown hairs.

Other colors can also be used for highlights if you don’t want to apply only brown. Red, violet or any color could be applied for the highlights.


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