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Stars Who Risked Wardrobe Malfunctions In Thigh High Slit Dresses — Pics

Hollywood is all about glamour and excitement, and it is always delightful to see our favourite celebrities raising the bar for glamour and style. Thigh-high slits may look drop dead sexy, but make no mistake ladies, they are very difficult to pull off without embarrassing yourself.

Now, naturally, celebrities are all about poise and grace, but they’re humans too, and as humans, we are all bound to slip off and embarrass ourselves. But not these ladies, they sure know how to carry an audaciously daring thigh-high slit with a fiercely bold confidence, and this is definitely an art we all need to master if we want to score big on the glamour card.

Bella Hadid Risked Wardrobe Malfunction


Ladies like Bella Hadid, J.Lo and Demi Lovato, amongst others, never fail to set red carpets ablaze with their bold and daring thigh-high slits, and it is amazing how these ladies risk the embarrassment of horrible wardrobe malfunctions without a care in the world. What’s even more amazing is the fact they manage to pull off these excitingly scary malfunction-risking thigh-high slits like a pro!

Angelina Jolie Risked Wardrobe Malfunction


We’ve put together an exciting round-up of some of the hottest celebrities who never fail to stun us with their glamour and confidence in thigh-high slits.

Here, feast your eyes:

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