Detox and Cleanse Diets: Should You Try These Popular Celeb Diets?


Detox Megan Fox’s Way

Megan Fox believes that detox is the best way to keep herself fit and healthy. Now, her special trick is to take straight shots of apple cider vinegar, which helps her cleanse her system, flush out all the excess fluids and shed off those nasty extra pounds.

This trick will help you cleanse your body and lose weight fast, however, for a long-term weight loss plan, this is not a very a healthy option. If you want to lose weight and maintain it effectively, you need to stop looking for shortcuts and adopt a healthy weight loss plan.

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

The blonde bombshell Alicia Silverstone has a vegan masterpiece of a detox weight loss plan, which will help you shed those nasty pounds, bring about an amazing improvement in your skin and help sustain the nature and our planet.

This vegan diet plan urges you to quite nasty foods, which include processed meals, dairy products, meats and white sugars. You need to start thinking about green, leafy and large vegetables, along with salads, lentils and beans.


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