DIY 6 Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Creating an elaborately glamorous hairstyle that appears straight off the runway or red carpet is not all that difficult, as long as you know all the right hair styling hacks to make your hair appear thick and fuller.

Women mostly struggle with taming their fine hair and giving their strands a thicker appearance. We are all tired of hair that falls flat, gets super oily in a matter of seconds, and denies us the volume that we flaunt on supermodels and It girls, like Bella Hadid and the Jenner sisters. Celebrity stylists reveal that the best trick for a thicker and fuller statement is to give your hair a large and thick silhouette so the hair statement takes up more of the area.

You can apply this technique on all kinds of hair styles, for instance teasing up the crown, adding more volume, increasing the width, using clip-in hair extensions, or even using a dry shampoo to make them appear thicker. You can chose any kind of hair styling method that you want and yet, give your hair a voluminous effect of fullness without putting in too much time.

We’ve picked out 6 short hairstyles that will make your hair appear fuller and thicker:

1. Slicked-Back Fullness

You can flaunt slicked back fullness, as seen on the beautiful Jamie Chung, with short collarbone-length air or even longer below-the-shoulder strands. Flaunting the fineness of this statement will allow you to rejoice your hair texture. The hair styling strategy begins by pushing your hair as back as you can, and then securing it behind the ears.

This will naturally give the hair a full and thickly voluminous appearance by simply gathering up all the hair in one section. This statement often causes the scalp to emerge out from the hairline because of the slicked-back fullness, and you can eliminate this by simply using a root spray or some hair powder. We recommend you to stock up from Rita Hazan and Color Wow.

Slicked Back Fullness Hairstyle

2. Alternating Waves

These gorgeously vivid alternative waves rocked by Natalie Portman flaunts a non-uniform texture, which you can use to give your fine hair a strong character. If you want to use waves to give your fine hair a bigger and thicker silhouette, it is highly advisable to avid curling up your strands in the same direction around the wand, because this way, they will only end up lying flat atop each other, and worse, lying flat in the exact same manner.

This will deprive you of the volume that you seek to flaunt. Instead, curl your hair by wrapping them around the curling wand in alternating directions, for instance on strand under and over, and the other over and around. This will increase the width and volume of the curls.

Alternating Waves Hairstyle


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