DIY 6 Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair


3. A Teased Crown

Teasing up the roots is the simplest and easiest trick to give your hair a thicker and fuller texture. Adding height to the crown is the best trick to make the hair appear fuller, along with increasing the structure of your hairdo. However, it is important to make sure you are following the right technique. This basically involves parting the hair into seamless horizontal sections, and then, using a fine-toothed comb to gently tease up the tresses and all the areas where you want to add volume. You need to follow a pattern and move from one section to the other that is directly beneath the section that you just teased up.

You can replicate Bella’s statement by beginning from the crown of your head, and backcombing several sections by stacking them on top of each other. This will create a voluminous and well-structured foundation to give your fine hair a loud texture rather than allowing them to fall flat. If you want to take this styling trick one step ahead, gently touch the teased roots with a crimper, or even a flat iron to make sure the backcombing is locked into the strands. Then, use some root powder and apply it to this area to make sure the style is perfectly secure. Then, you can smooth up the uppermost layer of your strands to cover up the teased hair section.

A Teased Crown Hairstyle

4. Backcombed Updos

If you are planning to wear up your hair, we strongly recommend you to build up as much excessive texture as you possibly can in order to make sure your hair looks substantially thick and full. You can achieve this statement by gently teasing up the hair from the roots until the ends, and then quickly straightening all the sections using a flat iron, following by brushing using a detangler brush.

We strongly recommend you to invest in the RainCry Detangler Brush, it is a remarkable investment for its metal bristles reduce chances of any kind of friction or hair damage while you work on detangling those tresses. The strategy of making a gorgeous updo revolves around avoid your hair from getting overly smooth or silky, because that will only make it easier for the updo to slip out of the pins.

Using a detangler brush is the easiest trick to give your hair a strong grip so that the updo looks less fine and stays up throughout the evening. Lastly, you will have to pin up your hair in the statement you want, for instance this gorgeous braid rocked by Halle Berry, a top knot or even a high bun.

Backcombed Updos Hairstyle


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