DIY 6 Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair


5. A Blunt Cut with a teased Crown

If you have excessively blunt ends, you hair cut is likely to appear more thick and wider. Vidal Sassoon introduced blunt haircuts and styles back in the 60s with the intention of adding more thickens and fullness to the hair, along with adding more shape to create a voluminous silhouette.

Here we see the stunning Lucy Hair blending two incredibly amazing hair strategies to give her hair the thickest silhouette possibly achievable. Her blunt cut features a heavily teased crown, and this blunt chop makes the ends appear much healthier and thicker.

A Blunt Cut and a Teased Crown Hairstyle

6. Faux Fullness with Extensions

If you suffer from the challenging ordeal of thinner ends, you can easily create a voluminous and sleek finish with a little bit of thickening mousse tactfully applied throughout the damp hair. It will help give the fine hair a bold dose of structuring. Many women shy away from thickening mousse because they believe it is awfully sticky, but if you pick out one from Seven Hair Care, you will find the product super indulging and incredible.

As seen on the gorgeous Emma Stone, this hairstyle is not too difficult to replicate. Once you have given your hair a healthy finish with the mousse, you need to blow out the hair as you normally do, and style it up before you add a track of clip-in extensions. Make sure that the clip-in extensions you use are cut to match your hair length This trick will give your hair an illusion of voluminous density without the need of putting an entire set of extensions.

Faux Fullness With Extensions Hairstyle

You can put on the extensions without much effort if you simply lift up the hair from the nape of the neck, and avoid clipping in the extensions to high up your scalp as it will only make the seam of the weft more easily visible. Besides, clipping them high up will not give any kind of volume to your ends. Then, pick up a three-clip weft of hair and horizontally pin up the piece inside your hair. Then, smooth away the strands over it so it is nicely hidden before you continue styling the hair.


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