DIY Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Green Eyes


For those ladies who have green eyes face some problems for choosing the right tone which match to their green eyes. For those who have brown, black or hazel color all shades are fit on their eyes but it create problem for green eyes. For this I would like to share some simple tips through which your green eyes become more beautiful along with different shades.

1. Using Lush Lashes

For this anyone can create the fake lashes of eyes that make your eyes more prominent and attractive as compared to others.

2. Using concealer

If any one of you thinking that you use the concealer of light shade that will find the concealing under darkness of your eye then you think totally wrong. The best tip for those ladies who have green eyes is that they pay full attention in eradicating the dark circles and different sort of redness below their eyes. For dark circles you have to use the concealer of creamy yellow color and for redness you use primer of tinted green color for regarding these problems. One thing you should keep in mind is that use foundation or concealer daily.

3. Eyebrow makeup

You have to take full attention on the eyebrow makeup. Those ladies who feel that their eyebrows are thin simply they should use the powder or pencil and fill them. After that blend your eyelids with mascara which shows the soften effect. Some ladies have very thin eyebrows for this they have to first trim their brows perfectly.

4. Curl your Lashes

For those who have green eyes and if they want to make them prominent then they should curl them on daily basis. For this you need a curler and be carefully press it on your eye lashes as well as release lashes for seconds.

5. Using Mascara

Be sure after curling your lashes applies the primer on it. You have to use the mascara of good company for making your lashes more thick.


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