Eat and Lose Weight: 10 Foods That Help Losing Weight


3. Eggs

It is a misconception that when you are on dieting you cannot take an egg. Usually, when people start dieting they remove eggs from their diet. Actually, eggs are rich in proteins and you can take eggs just need to change your consumption pattern of eggs. For example, if you are taking fried egg then just go for boiled egg. If you want to change your taste buds then you can go for an omelet filled with veggies.

A study has revealed that protein concentrated food burn fats especially proteins present in the eggs. Egg proteins stimulate and release a hormone which is called glucagon. This hormone is helpful in burning the fat especially belly fat.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is a complete food full of calcium and amino acid. It is better to use it in a simple way without sugar or sweetener. Plain yogurt is very healthy and amino acid present in it burn the belly fat. A greek yogurt is also a good option.

Now flavored yogurts are also available in the market but keep sure in choosing the yogurt that it is live active cultures on the container because yogurt with live active cultures has particular type of bacteria which is known as probiotics. These bacteria’s limit the amount of fat which our body absorbs as well as remove bad stuff from our intestinal tract.



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