6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss Treatment with Pictures


The problem of hair fall is increasing day by day. This issue is not only being faced by girls but boys are also becoming victim of it. There are hundreds of shampoos and conditioners available in market to control hair fall but they are not much effective. Here are some easy homemade remedies for controlling the hair fall.

1. Hair Oil Massage

First of all massage your scalp with hair oil to reduce the hair fall. Proper massage increases the blood flow which strengthens the roots of the hairs. It relaxes you from stress which also reduces hair fall.

Almond oil, coconut oil, amla oil etc can be used for hairs. Add some of the rosemary oil to get fast result. Some other oils such as emu oil, wheat germ oil and organ oil can also be used.

  • Lightly apply any of the oil on your hairs and massage gently.
  • Do it once a week at least.

Hair Oil Massage


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