How to Treat Acne and Blackheads – Best Home Remedies


Acne is considered to be dangerous for everyone. Same is the case with blackheads and pimples or other skin problems. Everyone likes to have fair and smooth skin tone. If you got acne or blackheads on your face then these can have a negative effect on your entire look. It is very important to treat the acne as well as blackheads. You don’t need to see the dermatologist but you can treat the acne along with blackheads by following simple remedies. First of all you need to know the reason or cause behind the growth of blackheads or acne.

There is a product which is very famous for the treatment of acne and blackheads and that product is egg. Egg is very beneficial with lots of useful qualities in it. You can make a facial mask out of egg yolk to remove the acne and blackheads. It is very easy to make a facial with the help of egg yolk and you don’t need to go out of your home even for searching a facial mask. In term of price, the egg yolk mask is very cheap because the cost of egg is very low in the market. Egg yolk mask is considered to be highly useful for rough or dry skin. If you get a facial from saloon then this costs too much and also enlarges your pores.

How to Treat Acne and Blackheads

It is also to keep in mind by the people who are poultry allergic to avoid the use of eggs on face. This can have negative effects on the person’s health. If you are already focusing on the acne treatment then you need to consult your doctor before applying the egg mask. Egg has lots of useful qualities. The egg white is very beneficial in treating the blackheads present on the nose. The egg white contains qualities of mild astringent and is very cheap too. The egg white is highly useful in cleaning the skin. This works when it dries up. Egg white has a quality of absorbing oils as well as other dirt particles from the skin so that the production of blackheads or acne can be controlled.

Acne and Blackheads Treatment

Just like egg white, its yolk is also very useful. But you cannot directly apply the yolk onto your face and need to make a mask out of it. This mask can be prepared by following some simple steps. Before you apply the mask, make sure that there are no makeup or dust particles on the face. If you have applied any makeup, oil, cream or lotion on the face then you need to remove it first. This is very important because the mask will not work otherwise. Later, you need to take an egg, separate its white from the yolk. You can separate it by breaking the egg very carefully. Now you are supposed to beat the egg yolk in a bowl or open pot. Beat it well and apply it on the face. You must avoid the entrance of mixture into eyes, nostrils or mouth etc. after applying the mixture on entire face, let it be dry to get the results. When you have applied the mixture, leave it for 10-12 minutes to achieve the results. You should not move your face otherwise the cracks will be formed in the mask and required results will not be achieved. The egg yolk has specific kind of smell, which may be disliked by some people so you need to keep in mind this point before applying the mask onto the face. When the mask dries up, wash it with the face wash or a good soap to attain the required results.


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