John Mayer Has an Important Birthday Message for Ex, Taylor Swift


December 13 is a big day for musician Taylor Swift. On this day Taylor Swift with her close friends, family and fans celebrated her 27th birthday. There is someone who has special thoughts for this birthday girl. Yes, your guess is right it is her ex-boyfriend John Mayer. John Mayer was very close to Taylor Swift but it seems that he is also interested in Taylor swift as he expressed via Twitter.

“Tuesday, December 13th may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually”.

Well, it was a secret message for birthday girl that Mayer wrote yesterday. But suddenly it was deleted. It is a technological era and wonders of technology keep alive this message. The ability of screenshots capture and save this message. John we have seen this message even you thought that tweet was gone.

Taylor swift and John Mayer

On the other hand Swift avoided social media posts and she was with some of her close friends like Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss while John Mayer’s tweet was an important message for ex, Taylor Swift.

Anyhow Happy belated birthday to Swift!


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