Kim Kardashian’s Nutritionist Just Shared Her Top Dieting Secrets – Kim Kardashian’s Dieting Tips


We all know a lot about ‘THE’ Kim Kardashian and we also know that the sexy and gorgeous star is a diehard follower of Atkins diet plan that encourages high-fat, high-protein and low carb foods and discourages the fruits, bread, pasta and sugary items. But, do we know that what does this millionaire tycoon do to stay fit in her gorgeous figure? Absolutely not. So, I am super excited to share that Kim’s personal nutritionist and Vice president of Atkins, Colette Heimowitz, has unrevealed about what Kardashian loves to eat.

Heimowitz told few of Kardashian’s diet secrets to Elite Daily. And to everyone’s surprise, it’s like Kim is so perfectly involved in what she should be doing and eating in what time. The nutritionist stated that Kim is well-aware of what she has to do in what time because she’s been doing the same for longer period of time. She managed to lose 60 pounds after her first pregnancy and 70 pounds after the 2nd baby. Kim knows how to control her carbohydrate cravings, because this is in her mentality. She also knows what kind of carbs she should eat for cheats when she doesn’t need to shed more pounds. Kim is one of those people who knows what they should eat at what point of their life.

It was asked from Heimowitz about what exactly she eats then? And she said that her everyday meals are quite kind of basic with lots of proteins because they keeps you feel fuller and aids in controlling your hunger pangs and cravings. Then she chooses carbs with high content of fibre and last but not the least she chooses healthy fats to complete the balanced diet. These are the basic rules that Kim follows because they can help you stay healthy and fit for longer period of time.

Let’s breakdown the rules into three basic points. Following are the rules that Kim Kardashian follows to stay fit.

• She eats lots of proteins
• She chooses carbs with care that includes high in fibre and low in sugar.
• She eats healthy fats with every meal.

That’s it, staying healthy isn’t difficult at all, right?


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