Mama June’s Shocking Slimmer Transformation: Watch Her Shrink 10 Sizes


We all knew that 37 years old Mama June Shannon is struggling to lose some weight but did you know that she already has dropped 10 sizes.

There is a new teaser of 2 minutes in which her daughter is forcing her to try a wedding dress and Mama June is resisting while her daughter is saying that she doesn’t even know which size you already are. This is clear from the teaser that the daughters are so excited about their mother losing so much weight.

Mama June’s Shocking Slimmer Transformation
getty images/Twitter

I am absolutely sure that Mama June is so happy after slipping in size 12 dress as she stated that she doesn’t want to get married but she looks really hot in that dress. Hard work is absolutely paying off because Mama June already lost 300 pounds and this is not the end because she is still losing. Holy Cow! I can’t wait to see the final product because she already looks great.


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