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New Miss America 2019 — Contestants Stunning Beauty Looks

There goes Miss America contest, 2019 and it was really challenging for the judges to select one because all the ladies were stunning as hell.

Whenever there is a big event like a lot of celebs and beauties all over the country are going to show off their gorgeous selves, our main focus is to follow their makeup styles, perfect hairdos and the dresses they choose to wear.

Sep, 2019, Miss America contest was held and 51 contestants participated in the pageant and they all were extremely stylish and lovely ladies. Out of 51 gorgeous ladies, the judges Jessie James Decker. Laila Ali and Randy Jackson, selected one lady of the evening, who won the crown, the title, and a huge scholarship. And trust me it was really difficult to choose one because those ladies were equally amazing and stunning. The contestants came from every state of America including Washington D.C and appear with so much diversity that made them look so unique.



Throughout the night, there were some beauties, who were so stunning that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing their looks with everyone. Most of the ladies in the contest opted to try their hair down in rippled waves. Few of them wore the curl up-dos and sleek ponytails were also in the style. As for as makeup is concerned, full face contouring and heavy fake lashes were in the game for everyone. When it comes to Lipstick, few of the ladies opted for red and brown hues but most of them wore dusty rose lip shades.



One more special thing about this year’s pageant is, this was the first time in 97 years, the contestants didn’t wear swimsuits and new chief of the organization, didn’t call it pageant anymore but she called it a “Competition” and I think this is a better word for that. Current Miss America, 24 years old Cara Mund, is being critical over the swimsuit decision by the Chief because she thinks that’s how the organization will be open for a lot of other people and it might eliminate few other people to put extra weight on the talent portion and this talent element is now going to be 50% down.



Miss Gretchen, Chief of the organization, is pretty different when it comes to beauty standards, as she stated beauty should not be even considered as part of scoring. And her actual statement was that the contestants were not even being judged on their outer appearance and the org will move forward to evolve this Cultural Revolution. I’m so glad that those days are gone when sexy Bikinis were the symbols of beauty and talent.

Not Only the swimsuit trend is gone but the evening long gown are also not compulsory for it. In fact a big change is, instead of asking contestants to go super glam, they are now allowed to wear whatever they want and with whatever they feel comfortable with. Imagine a “pageant” No “Competition” with no sexy abs, glam and glitz or showing off abs but a nurse can also participate in the contest with her scrub on. Great going Miss Gretchen.

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