Nose Pin Trends – Latest Nose Pins Design for Women


If we talk about the features of face we cannot denied that nose is an important part of our face. Then why we always forget to ornament our nose? When we go for a function or party we consider our overall jewelry like bangles, rings, earrings, necklace etc but we don’t consider nose pin.

Just few years ago it was thought an old fashion to wear a nose pin even a fashion of grandmothers and ancient times. But in recent years this trend is getting popularity in the young girls especially college going girls. Along with ear piercing nose piercing is becoming compulsory and common. On the other side nose pin is getting importance in jewelry.

In the market nose pins are available with clips that you can wear even if you have not pierced in your nose. In the old times simple ring called balle was wear and there was not any other design. But now there are many designers and jewelers that especially design nose pins. Nose pins are advanced from simple ring to different shapes like moon, star, flower, leaf etc.

Latest Nose Pins Design for Women

No doubt nose pin gives a sharp look to your nose especially if you have broader nose. You should choose nose pin according to your face especially according to the shape of your nose. If you have sharper nose then you can go for any nose pin but if you have broader nose then you should choose such nose pin that give a cut to your nose and sharper look.

Instead of gold nose pin there is diamond nose pins even you can find a wide range of artificial material in stud and stone shape. Some people like to wear gold ring nose pin but with the passage of time there is innovation that has altered this trend. Now multi color stones are used in different shapes like round, square, triangle etc. Simple metallic pins with different shapes enhance the beauty of your nose. Be trendy and gorgeous with splendid nose pins and don’t be stick with one nose pin.

Let’s have a look some awesome designs and trends of nose pins:-


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